The team at radici.co.uk takes great pride in being fine upstanding citizens and we do our very best to provide you with all the info you need to make a safe and fair purchase.

Take delight in discovering our exquisite goodies but you’ll have to hurry - we only ever have a few of each product and many are one off’s.  That way you never know what you might find when you next visit us and we get to coax fabulous fledgling talent to the surface.

In this world of faceless mass produced goodies we wanted to find things that were a little bit different because that’s what we all are - a little bit different. 

We love supporting and nurturing fledgling designers and fresh talent – like-minded souls who are dedicated to producing something from the heart – something charming and precious - something to be treasured and loved in the knowledge that it wasn’t mass produced or that someone or something wasn’t exploited in the process.

It has also been darn good fun because it has given us a foolproof excuse to go shopping with wild abandon and meet brave talented souls everyday...

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