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Large swiss Urban Bag


These are quite rugged handsome bags for the rugged handsome man about the hills or town at a push. Made from recycled 1960s Swiss Cross Blankets they are just the thing to carry life saving equipment around – like laptops and mobile phones with plenty of room to spare and lots of great compartments in which to lose that flask of brandy. 

Handmade reclaimed wool with Velcro fastening, 30cm x 40cm x 12 cm


15 inch Grey Felt Laptop Cover

Laptops need loving homes too. This is a particularly cunning cover – the felt protects it from bumps and scratches but when you open it out it doubles as a mouse pad – groovy huh?

Handmade felt with Velcro fastening; Dimensions 26 x 38 cm; Suitable for Apple Macs and Laptops with 38cm screen


Large Urban canvas Bag

Our very smart canvas bags will melt the toughest man’s heart and may EVEN bring him closer to understanding a girl’s love of handbags – they are made from carefully selected recycled boat sails with a long adjustable webbing strap and a very cool etched buckle.  There are lots of zips and compartments to store the all the terribly important things that men have carry around with them…

Handmade with Velcro fastening; 9cm wide nylon strap and steel buckle; water-resistant; Dimensions 30cm x 40cm x 12cm; designs may vary from image displayed.





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